Ornatrix C4D V1 is released

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Data created:7 January 2020

Ornatrix for Maxon Cinema 4D, the complete solution for hair, fur, and feathers is finally here after two years of development and a year of beta testing.

Housing a rich set of hair modeling,  simulation, and pipeline integration tools, Ornatrix brings a new dimension to grooming workflows inside Cinema 4D. Seamless integration within Cinema 4D makes Ornatrix easy to learn and work with. Industry-leading grooming toolset and physics simulation allow you to create powerful hair and fur effects. Pipeline friendliness will make integration of Ornatrix into your professional environment fast and smooth.

Some of the main features include:

  • Direct hair and guide editing with control points and brushes
  • Moov Hair physics and Harmonic Oscillator provide a powerful way to simulate any type of hair, complex or simple
  • Paint channel values directly on hairs or procedurally generate them with variables and expressions
  • Use channel data for driving various parameters throughout the evaluation stack
  • Fix intersecting hairs with Normalize modifier
  • Clump hairs with powerful features like per-clump management and clump patterns
  • Push Away From Surface modifier for accurate surface penetration fixing
  • Resolve Collisions modifier to robustly keep hair away from an object, with animation controls
  • Import and export to Alembic hair from external assets with all information intact
  • Export hair to Unreal Engine 4
  • Adopt External Guides operator to use a separate guides object for controlling pre-modeled hair
  • SeExpr expression support for generating strand data in flexible ways while being able to access internal strand information
  • Arnold and Redshift renderer support
  • Elastic brushes and editing modes, allowing easier modification of hair as a volume
  • Direct isolation and editing of hairs
  • Ability to blend hairs which were grounded, allowing full control over their shapes
  • Procedural Animation with recording directly to Alembic files
  • Automatic grounding of baked hair and multiplied hair
  • Hair and guides baking
  • Convert mesh hair strips directly to hair with controllable parameters

Try Ornatrix today for free either with an instantly downloadable demo version or a 1 month evaluation upon request.

Receive a 50% early-bird discount if you purchase a license before February 7!

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Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)