Installing a Floating License Server 

Floating license server allows you to store multiple licenses on the same computer (server). Workstations can connect to this license server via its IP or network address to obtain licenses temporarily and release them when they are no longer in use. This permits an arbitrary number of workstations to share licenses between them.


Before Installing 

If you have previously installed license server please uninstall it first.


All Licenses Unassigned 

To install a floating license server please make sure that all of your licenses are unassigned for the product in question. If you never installed the license server for current product you do not need to worry about this.

  1. Go to the product's downloads page and look under the version which you are trying to install.
  2. Find the "Install license server only" text and below it. If there is a "All X Licenses" link you are ready to proceed.

If there is no "All X Licenses" link please contact us for instructions on how to reset your current hardware locks.


Install License Server 

  1. Click on "All X Licenses" link and download the installer program
  2. Once downloaded run it on your license server computer
  3. Click "Install License" button when prompted.

Installed License Server Location 

Just for reference, these are the default locations on your computer where the license server executable is installed:

  • Windows:
  • OSX:
  • Linux:

Note about firewalls and antivirus software 

Some anti-virus software such as Kaspersky and Windows Defender has been known to treat Ephere License Server service as a threat on Windows and automatically disable and delete it. If this happens to you, please reinstall the license server from our website and set a rule for your anti-virus software to skip (or white list) Ephere License Server when detecting threats. Our service does not pose any risks to your computer and does not do anything to compromise your security.

It is also possible that your local firewall could be blocking the port used by the license server to perform its connections. Please make sure that ports 39373 and 39374 are not blocked by your firewall by white-listing it.


Note about Administrator privileges 

On some user accounts you may be required to run the downloaded license installer from a Windows Command Line window which has been started using Administrator privileges.


Note about Virtual Machines (VMs) 

Our license server may only be installed on a physical computer directly. We do not support installations on virtual machines (i.e. VMWare, VirtualBox, Azure, etc.)

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