Uninstalling Ephere License Server 

It may become necessary to uninstall the Ephere License Server from your computer. You can follow these steps to do so.


Automatic Uninstall on Windows (Recommended) 

Ephere license server runs as a service on your Windows computer. It can take care of uninstalling itself, however, you need to do the following steps to initiate this procedure:

  1. Open Windows Command Prompt.
  2. Type cd C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Ephere. Replace USERNAME with your local user account name.
  3. Type Ephere.Licensing.LicenseServer.exe stopAndUninstall
  4. Upon successful uninstallation, close the command prompt window
  5. (Optional) Open Windows Services dialog and make sure that "Ephere License Server" service is no longer present

Manual Uninstall 

If automatic uninstall does not work or gives you errors you may choose to manually remove Ephere License Server service from your computer. This is needed when the license server installed is old (before 2015). To do so:


On Windows Vista and newer: 

  1. Run Windows Command Prompt with Administrator privileges on the computer where "Ephere License Server" service is running
  2. Type sc delete "Ephere License Server" and press Enter
    • If the above step results in an error run sc delete "EphereLicenseServer" instead
  3. On some computers a restart may be required, so restart the computer
  4. Open Windows Services dialog and make sure that "Ephere License Server" service is no longer present

If the above procedure fails, for example if you receive ACCESS DENIED error please try to uninstall the license service using Windows Powershell:

  1. Open Powershell with administrator privileges (Windows menu -> Powershell -> Right click -> Run as Administrator)
  2. Type in
    $service = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Service -Filter "Name='Ephere License Server'"
  3. Type in

On Windows XP: 

  1. Run Regedit (Windows Key + R, type in "regedit", press Enter)
  2. Go to the registry entry "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services"
  3. Find item called "Ephere License Server" and delete it. You can also look at "ImagePath" entry under it and delete the exe file found there.

On OS X 

Execute the following command from the terminal :

/Applications/Ephere/Mono64/bin/mono ~/.local/share/Ephere/Ephere.Licensing.LicenseServer.exe stopanduninstall

Optional: Uninstalling deletes the .exe and .exe.config files, but leaves the (possible) EphereServiceLog.txt file and the ~/.local/share/Ephere directory.

To remove that if necessary, follow up with `rm -rf ~/.local/share/Ephere` to remove the directory, or just `rm -rf ~/.local` if there is no other Mono software on the machine, which will also delete the OrnatrixMayaLicenseServerIP.txt and OrnatrixMayaSetupFilepath.txt files.


On Linux 

Follow the same steps as for OS X, just replace /Applications/Ephere with /opt/Ephere, or the folder you manually installed to.

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