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What are floating licenses?

If you own more than one license of an Ephere software product you can set up a floating license server which will maintain all of the licenses simultaneously and issue them to workstation as they become needed. Once a workstation stops using the product it will automatically release the license back into the license server so that it can be used somwehere else.

License server can be set up on any Windows machine running at least .NET 4.0 framework. It can be accessed over a local network using IP or computer network name or over the internet using IP or a web address.

Preparing to install a floating license server

To install a floating license server you first need to make sure that you have not previously installed the product and thus have not used it with a stand-alone license scheme. To do this:

  1. First go to the product's download page
  2. Under the correct download section find text "X/Y Unassigned Licenses"
  3. If the first number (X) of unassigned licenses is 0 then you are ready to install the floating license server
  4. If the first number (X) is not zero then you will need to reset any previously assigned licenses. Please contact us to do this.


When you have 0 licenses unassigned you will see a new option appear saying "Install (Floating Licenses for X Nodes)". Click this link to download the installer. Please note you must be doing this on the computer which you want to host your floating license server. Follow the same steps as the regular license server installation to install the service.


Once you have the license service installed you can specify its' IP to any workstation computer requiring a license. License server will only allow the same amount of concurrent sessions on workstation computers as you have licenses.