PF Source + Lucid Geometry - forces are not added but REPLACE all forces for the simulation?

Posted by:serpin
Data created:14 August 2016

I have a scene with a piece of cloth falling down from horizontal position. I've configured a wind force object and connected it to the Lucid op to make it dance in the wind (with global "Lift" value >0). It simulates correctly: I have lift, global gravity and wind affecting the object.

I then add it as a Shape Instance + Lucid Geometry in the the PF Source and apply a Force operator with the same Wind object.

As soon as I simulate I notice there's no gravity. According to the manual forces should just be picked up as if they were bound to the object. That is - added to the simulation, not replacing all other forces. At least that's how it works with the Lucid Fluid operator in PF Source.

I then add gravity force to the PFlow and there's my gravity. Well, sort of. But the problem is - there's no lift! It's as if as soon as you add any Force in PF Source when simulationg with Lucid Geometry (not Fluid) all global forces for the particles are... gone?

Am I doing it wrong? Is it supposed to be like this? Because with a single object with a Lucid modifier it works great, but with PFlow + Lucid Geometry any force or even Speed mod in the Event completely breaks up the simulation. This doesn't happen if you simulate particles with Lucid Fluid in the PFlow, I double-checked.

Only the forces which are specified in PFlow will work in PFlow, so it sounds about right. If you bound spacewarps to the object in the scene you will need to readd the same forces in PFlow, though it sounds like this is already what you're doing.

I just tried it here and after adding a wind force the a PF geometry operator the global gravity is still preserved properly. Perhaps your forces total are just too strong? Lucid has a max. velocity parameter in Flex Settings object which can be limiting the forces applied to your object.

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)