Adding Forces 



Adding spacewarp forces


You can use any 3dsmax spacewarp or force field to affect objects simulated by Lucid. Particle Flow forces can also be used to drive particles generated with Particle Flow operator. Simply bind space-warps to Lucid objects to add their effect to the simulation.


Adding forces 

To add a force to a scene object containing a Lucid modifier simply use 3dsmax's spacewarp binding functionality to add the force fields as World Space Modifiers into the modifier stack.

During subsequent simulations the forces will affect Lucid objects to which they were bound. You might need to adjust the force value to increase or decrease its effect in the simulation.


Particle Flow forces 

When using Lucid's Particle Flow Fluid Operator or Particle Flow Geometry Operator the forces present inside the Particle Flow event are automatically applied inside a Lucid simulation.

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