All your licenses are assigned to other computers

Posted by:hotknife
Data created:14 May 2018

Gettig this error after installing Lucid on a new machine - all older machines have been scrubbed.


To move your license to a new machine you have to release it. Go to the "My Licenses" menu, select the license you want to release and click the Release Licenses button. After that, you should be able to install your licenses in a new machine.

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

Thanks - I keep getting the ephere licensing server .exe  popping up whenever I exit Max - asking to make changes. Anyway to stop this happening.



This is because the license is not correctly assigned. Please be sure you release the license from other computers before installing it to a new computer. Then reinstall the license server and make sure Windows Defender or your antivirus is not blocking the installation. Find instructions HERE.

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)