Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:8 July 2019
New: Greatly improved barycentric interpolation (To enable, select option other than "Distribution Mesh" in Hair From Guides)
New: Added an attribute to ScatterNode to make it only renderable
New: Baked Hair animation always uses frame 0 character pose to ground strands
Fixed: MeshFromStrandsNode: Artifacts on proxy meshes
Fixed: Grounded and bakes hair don't follow deforming distribution mesh
Fixed: All instances of Moov inherit the same Strand Group parameter
Fixed: Missing Plant Guides Tool button
Fixed: Edit guides Edit Mode buttons don't update correctly when multiple property windows are open
Fixed: Hair is not displayed until the viewport is rotated
Fixed: Hair looks different everytime is exported as .ass
Numerous internal refactorings

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)