Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:24 September 2021
New: Multiplier node can be baked, preserving input to output shape relationship
New: Select by Group works when using the Select brush
Fixed: Hairs disappears when selected in some cases
Fixed: Generate Strand Data: Crash when switching channel type to Per-Vertex or removing channels that have been renamed if it used down the op stack
Fixed: MEL Error: Wrong number of arguments on call to OxGetStackShape.
Fixed: "Assert failed" When deleting the Clump node while the Clump Editing tool is active
Fixed: Displayed clump stem count is not updated when changing clump count and pressing Create
Fixed: Surface Comb: Unable to remove Sink Curves
Fixed: Surface Comb: Crash when switching to Mesh Vertex algorithm when curves are used
Fixed: Hair From Mesh Strips: Source mesh strips are duplicated after each render
Fixed: Crash during selection or planting in Edit Guides
Fixed: Edit Guides: Selection issue after "Hide" or "Hide unselected"
Fixed: Crash rendering with Arnold Procedural
Fixed: Incorrectly transformed Control Points when using rotation or scale tools
Fixed: Hair renders incorrectly with Arnold when using odd number of motion keys
Fixed: Incorrectly assigned weights when using multiple control points

MtoA (Maya 2018+), Arnold v6.0.3.0
MtoA 1.3.1 (Maya 2017)

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)