Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:26 November 2021
New: Added an option to Alembic exporter to write each strand as its own object
Fixed: Error: Cannot find procedure "OxSelectBrushContextValues".
Fixed: "Collapse up to here" on guides results in BakedHair instead of BakedGuides
Fixed: Dragging an operator below Clump causes clump by guides to stop working
Fixed: Deleting strands unhides all other hidden strands
Fixed: Crash exporting Ornatrix Alembic when node names contain special characters
Fixed: Draw strands doesn't work correctly when object transform containg scaling
Fixed: Crash when computing surface transform

MtoA (Maya 2019+), Arnold
MtoA (Maya 2018), Arnold
MtoA 1.3.1 (Maya 2017)

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)