Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:22 June
New: Add range values for Noise Scale parameter
New: Added option to Clumper to set strand groups based on clump ownership
New: Switch vertex tangents to use Texture Coordinate generation method by default
New: Implemented full-stack import with BakedHairNode
New: "Ground Displaced Roots" option in Clumper
New: Using geodesic distance by default to calculate strand group blending effect
Fixed: Evaluating an Edit Guides node on top of a mesh multiple time produces incorrect output
Fixed: Baking Guides From Mesh into Edit Guides produces no output
Fixed: Error when evaluating Edit Guides above a mesh
Fixed: Add range values for Noise Scale parameter
Fixed: Add dependency on Python
Fixed: USD groom import doesn't handle coordinate system
Fixed: Detail does not filter Stand Groups
Fixed: EditGuides: Renamed "Push Away from Surface" parameters and moved them to their own AE group
Fixed: Amount Curve Ramp widget is copied to all nodes of the same type
Fixed: Unable to change strand channel name
Fixed: A copy of MoovPhysics does not produce a simulation
Fixed: BakedHair does not ground the roots properly

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)