Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:10 August 2017
New: Added Maya 2018 support
New: Added Retarget Normals operator
New: Added particle holder position parameter to DynamicsNode
New: Ability to copy selected guides in Edit Guides when inserting new guides
Fixed: Crash when disabling Hair From Guides with Hair Cluster on the operator stack.
Fixed: Guide artifacts with Dynamics node simulation with Guide Point Count higher than 10
Fixed: Distribution multiplier doesn't work with face center distribution
Fixed: Sink arrows are drawn incorrectly in non-active viewports
Fixed: Attribute Editor error when selecting strands in root mode with hypershade open
Fixed: Strand Groups break when a Guide Channel is created
Fixed: Polar interpolation causes strands to be oriented incorrectly

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)