Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:2 October 2017
New: BraidGuides node
New: Strand Groups patterns
New: Clump node
New: Added new GenerateStrandDataNode options to store data, output multiple channels, and generate XYZ world and object space data
New: In Edit Guides, the selected control points are different color than non-selected ones
New: Added the option to create clumps by groups and guides
Fixed: Stack Overflow exception when trying to render many hairs using mayabatch.exe
Fixed: Detached sinks disappear when reopening the scene
Fixed: MoovPhysicsNode old parameters still shown in GUI after changing the Python script
Fixed: Parting maps are not working
Fixed: Crash when switching to wireframe mode in Maya 2018
Fixed: Parting does not update when the parting plane is edited.
Fixed: Random UV and Random Face distributions are switched in HFG
Fixed: Hair is not being affected by ambiente occlusion in viewport 2.0
Fixed: "Control doesn't exist" error when selecting Clump node
Fixed: The Clumps change when reloading a scene
Fixed: Clump node resetting all parameters by itself
Fixed: Incorrect rendering with Mesh from Strands node
Fixed: When adding a new guides channel after using strand groups the values of strand groups and new channel change
Fixed: Sometimes guides keep flashing between blue and red when mouse is moved over them
Fixed: Error and crash when deleting the Moov node
Fixed: Clump Methods not working properly
Fixed: Moov Dynamics make the guides jump and increase their length when Mesh Collision is ON
Fixed: Clumps From Guides not working in the Clump node
Fixed: Moov Physics Node disabling Edit guides Modes features
Fixed: MoovPhysicsNode needs to load default script at initial creation

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)