Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:15 October 2018
New: Added Alembic velocity export with interval center and length parameters
New: Added an option to Clump node for guides to only specify clump roots and not the clump shape
New: Merge node supports HairShapes
New: HFG AE guideProximityDistance and guideFacesIterationCount are disabled if not used
New: ScatterNode uses the base strands widths to define the widths of scattered strands
Fixed: MEL error when duplicating EditGuides without rest of the stack
Fixed: Invert Selection in EG doesn't work
Fixed: Weaver: Unable to add curves to the Source Curves box
Fixed: Moved Propagator Selected Side to Selected Side Settings group
Fixed: Assertion when inserting a knot into an empty ramp diagram
Fixed: "externalClumpStrandsAssignButton was not found" warning when selecting clump external guides shape
Fixed: Propagation operator settings are not loaded from older scenes
Fixed: Edit Guides disappears from the operator stack when selecting the paint maps tool in HFG
Fixed: Hair shape won't render after diactivating MeshFromStrands
Fixed: Hair and guide roots aren't generated if UV coordinates are too small on a mesh
Fixed: Oscillator node doesn't respect animated forces
Fixed: Changing input per-strand data causes Hair from Guides to re-generate roots
Fixed: Sub-clump shape change if Hair from Guides viewport percentage is changed
Fixed: Clumper crash if there are 0 input hairs

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)