Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:31 October 2018
New: Create a Strand Group option for the generated strands in Multiplier operator
New: Preserve strand length option in Multiplier operator
New: Propagated strands can be twisted in opposite direction
New: Propagate operator fanning can be defined with negative ramp values, allowing it to fan in both directions
New: Clumping works on hairs without surface dependency, such as on Hair from Mesh Strips and Baked Hair
New: Scatter operator option to preserve reference strand proportions
New: Scatter operator option to use reference strand widths
New: Generate Strand Data can write to hair texture coordinates
New: Multi-threaded Gravity operator
New: Elastic options for Move/Rotate/Scale/Grab brushes (WIP)
Fixed: Unable to paint Guide Roots in Per-Vertex Channels
Fixed: Per-Vertex channel colors are not shown in the viewport
Fixed: Gravity bends tips even at 0 force amount
Fixed: Moov physics crashes when applied on top of Hair from Mesh Strips
Fixed: Hair appearance not always consistent after rendering
Fixed: "Assign Value" command for strand data channels in Edit Guides does not work with Per-Vertex channels
Fixed: Symmetry operator doesn't copy all texture channels
Fixed: Edit Guides Preserve Strand Length does not work well with elastic brushes
Fixed: NormalizeStrands assert failed due nans
Fixed: Using "Guide Proximity" option in Hair From Guides node results in incorrect texture coordinates
Fixed: Loading .abc file in Animation node does not correctly animate hairs when less than 100% are previewed in viewport
Fixed: Detail node doesn't set the resulting hair texture coordinates
Fixed: Curling node texture coordinates don't work with maps

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)