Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:3 December 2018
New: Clump node works on propagated hair for feather clumping
New: Added hair isolation support to BakedHairShape
New: Adopt From Stack option in Edit Guides works with added/removed hairs
Fixed: Crash when deleting Edit Guides node
Fixed: Surface Comb: Slow performance when adding Sinks
Fixed: Frizz Operator: Different results on mirrored strands
Fixed: Alembic export with motion vectors can lead to a crash
Fixed: Surface Comb: Assertion when trying to edit mirrored sinks
Fixed: HFG: Adding a distribution channel creates artifacts on the hair strands
Fixed: Fatal Error when adding the Clump operator
Fixed: Isolation tool does not work with Guides As Hairs
Fixed: Lack of precision when using Edit Guides plant tool, creating sinks, and partings
Fixed: EditGuides: Undoing Move roots changes the strands shape when some guides have been previously deleted
Fixed: Turning create strand groups option on/off in HFMS doesn't have immediate effect
Fixed: MeshFromStrands: Scatter Multipler maps breaks when deleting guides
Fixed: Texture coords. disappear when assigning a strand group in Detail Node
Fixed: HairFromGuides: Weird bug with Guide as Hair view in viewport
Fixed: Isolation tool in BakedHair node is not working
Fixed: Resolve Collisions does not restore hair state when animated and using Soft method

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)