Posted by:EPHERE
Data created:22 December 2018
New: Added an option to blend curves planted with Edit Guides "Import Multiple..." option with original curve positions
New: Added new Hair from Guides guide selection icons
New: Edit Guides soft selection
New: Surface Comb option to make the sinks symmetrical when created
New: Added a new Multiplier option to automatically ground the generated strands
New: Added Elastic options to Edit Guides Control Points mode
New: Added support to the Maya Transformation tools (Move, Rotate and Scale) in Root Mode. When option is on, hairs are rotated and scaled.
Fixed: Unable to make a copy of Edit Guides Attribute Editor window
Fixed: In Edit Guides strand mode transform gizmo is always at the origin (should be at center of selection)
Fixed: Moov: Channel selector controls do not respect group settings after UI update
Fixed: MoovPhysics: External Collisions not working
Fixed: Control Points don't move correctly when editing with Elastic mode
Fixed: Control points don't update in viewport while dragging with Elastic option enabled
Fixed: Hair stack is reevaluated when mesh is connected to some unrelated to stack Ornatrix node
Fixed: Vray Next doesn't render Multiplier with 1% in Viewport IPR

Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)