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Posted by:gsanjuan222468
Data created:31 July 2019

So I have created a shoulder length groom on an unclothed character.  Imported the clothing.  I have tagged the clothing with the "push away from surface" operator, and the hair at the collar line sucks the hair into the clothing.  

Is there another process or order of operations that will allow me to preserve the hair in its original state without getting sucked into the collar?

Thank you for your help!

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Can you please send us this scene for testing? 

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

Jeordanis, do you have a contact email that I can send you the files?  Even zipped the size is 50,947 KB.

Thank you

Sorry Jeordanis- I zipped them individually. 

base male - mesh

curly frizzy test- hair groom

turtleneck - high collared clothing

compiled scene - hair with clothing and skin referenced in.  Used push away from surface tagging both the skin and the clothing.  Once I tag the clothing in the stack operator, the hair gets "sucked into" the collar.  

Please let me know if you cannot recreate from these assets.  Thank you for your help.

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> (12663529 bytes), > (15698105 bytes), > (15696849 bytes), > (7968180 bytes),

Thank you for the scene. We are looking into this. I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)


I just noticed that this one is still open, I missed it, sorry. 

The team found that the turtleneck mesh is inverted around the neck, so it's normals point to the inside. T<span>he solution would be to use a collision mesh with correctly pointed normals. I hope this helps. Sorry again for the delayed response. </span>

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)