Hair from mesh stips & Groups Per Strip Issue

Posted by:MarioD
Data created:6 August 2019


I'm using v2.3.920057 on Maya 2018.5.

When I create hair from meshstrips and assign Groups per strip using the Mesh Strip Editing Tool everything works fine on nodes higher up in the stack. However if I close the scene and open it again the assigned Strand Group connections are lost. If I look in the Mesh Strip Editing Tool all of the assigned groups are correct but it's not being read by frizz, curl nodes etc. It seems each mesh strip is assigned a unique group number (not the group numbers assigned on the Hair From Mesh Strips node). 

Is this a bug? Perhaps I might be doing something wrong. Thanks in advance...


I cannot reproduce this issue on the latest build. Please upgrade and try again. If the problem persist, try to reproduce this in a new scene and attach it here. 

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

Thank you for checking. I've just tried the latest two builds ( and but I am unable to create hair from mesh strips. I'm getting this error:

// Error: Line 1.49: Wrong number of arguments on call to OxAddStrandOperator. //

 My colleague is getting the same issue on his machine with v2.3.920057 . We've recorded a video showing the issue. I've also included the scene file. See attached.

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