Propagation on AlembicCache

Posted by:FlyvisionMedia
Data created:15 August 2019

Hi there!

I'm new to Ornatrix and now I'm having a issue with the propagation modifier. I'm trying to achieve a tree like structure. It looks fin so far. I've created Strands from Surface, these strands do not move with the transforming mesh. There are object translations as well as mesh deforming. If I'm adding the guides through the Ornatrix Guides Object the strands follow.

In both scenarios the do'nt move with the geo when I'm starting to use the Propagation Modiefier. How can I fix this? Is there anything I'm missing here? I've attached a screen of my stack. Following the mesh works until the Propagation Modifier.

Second thing I'd like ot ask, is there a way of using multiple Mesh from Strands? I'd like to create twigs as 3D mesh but the leafs as flat planes.

Thank you :)


I've managed to fix the issue of the strands not following the mesh. Adding an Editable Mesh or Poly modifier on top of the Alembic Chache fixes the problem.

I still couldn't find a way to use multiple "Mesh from Strands" modifiers.