Remember Root Position

Posted by:gerardo
Data created:22 August 2019


I would like to be sure all my HairFromGuides nodes in my scene have "Remember Root Position" turn on, I would like to do it by python script.
How can I do thar?  what attribute of my HairFromGuides nodes must I set up?

Thanks you

Hi Gerardo,

The MEL command seems to be:


toggleButton_Press("HairFromGuides", "HairFromGuides1.rememberRootPositions", {"Remember Root Positions", "Remember Root Positions"}, {"distribution","randomSeed","uniformRandomness","distributionMultiplier","distributionChannel","topologyBasedOrientation","renderCount","useGuideProximity","guideProximityDistance","useGuideFaces","guideFacesIterationCount"});


Which takes quite a few arguments. Maybe you can put this inside a for loop after you find all the nodes of type HairFromGuides in the scene. 

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)