The clump fur have max count ? It doesn't increase the clump fur.

Posted by:andrewnguyenvfx
Data created:2 September


I do the sheep fur, but the real fur have too much clump with small clump.

I have try increase 20.000 - 30.000 and it will not increase the clump to make small fur clumpy like a Sheep. I have try create 3 clump operator with 15-25 thousand count. It does not working. So what is the workflow to increase the clump ? 



Maybe your model doesn't have enough hair to generate the amount of clumps you want. Also, the Clump operator will generate clumps based on the hair amount shown on the viewport, so you have to increase the Viewport Fraction to 100% and then generate the clumps. After that you can decrease the Viewport Fraction amount. 

Jeordanis Figuereo (Social Media Manager, Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

Hi Jeordanis,

I use it to render, not related to viewport fraction. I have increase the count to 1 milion, it's still not change about the clump, can't see more the clump.

I have try a test with sphere ornatrix, it seems limit from 9000 above count clump. > 9000 not change anymore.