Anyone happen know how to make dreadlocks in ornatrix in 3ds max?

Posted by:sataya
Data created:9 September 2019

I'm quite new to Ornatrix and still learning. I'm trying to create this hair seen in this image: 

Only guide online for dreadlocks is on Maya and the setting isn't same as 3ds max and can't seem to recreate it. If anyone have any idea on how to recreate that hair style would be awesome. I assume that look can be achieved without dreadlocks. A rough guide or even a video someone can point towards would be awesome.  I looked at lot of guides, most are straights hair and not many video on 3ds max version of ornatrix. 

Any help is much appericated. 

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Check out our tutorial on curly hair. You can use the Curl and Frizz operator to create the effect you want.

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

Thanks Jeordanis! Took me a while but figured it out. Matching with the video and with trial and error got the results. Again much appericated for the help!