Proxy Mesh -> wrong size/scale

Posted by:crimsonben
Data created:10 September 2019

As you can see i have 

i have a plane (with hair texture on it)


a sphere and added "fur ball" to it:



when i change the "mesh type" to "proxy mesh"
and add that plane as a proxy mesh, the resulted meshes around that sphere are WAY to big, and i dont know what i did wrong? 

the green circle is the size of the SPHERE, so you see how big those proxy meshes suddenly are.


Is there anything i can do so it gets the correct size?


Looks like the orientation is wrong. You have to rotate the proxy mesh in object space. Select all the vertices in vertex mode and rotate them on a single axis at a time to find the correct orientation. 

Jeordanis Figuereo (Product Designer. EPHERE Inc.)

Hey Jeordanis!

Thanks for the reply, I tried to select all verts and rotate them on one axis at a time,
but that didn't work either.

Maybe you could try it by yourself?

1. Add a square plane with hair textures on it
2. Move the edges (while "preserve UV" is ON in the move tool) until you have only one hair-part available
3. try to add that new mesh as a proxy

Thanks a lot in advance!