Ornatrix for Maya produces first results

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Data created:27 October 2015

The red haired guy

Serguei Krikalev has created this great looking character in Maya and used Ornatrix to model, style, and render the eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair. V-Ray was used to render the whole scene thanks to its native support for Ornatrix. Let us quickly go over the hair creation process, but first the final look:


Hair base

Hair base and the character were first modeled separately. This can be done in a tool like Z-Brush, in Maya directly, or brought in from another modeling application.

Tut 1

Guide extraction

Next curves were extracted from the hair base mesh by using Maya's edge to curves conversion. The end result is a bunch of NURBS curves which can be used as guides in Ornatrix.


Scalp creation

Scalp mesh was then defined by extracting it from the head. The scalp mesh serves as the base object from which hairs will grow. It must just cover the areas where hair roots will be present. In the case of the red haired guy this is a small area around the curve "tips".

Scalp Creation

Quick hair setup

The Ornatrix Quick Hair button was then used from the shelf to create hair for the character. Multiple other operators were added to the hair stack to give hair its shape and clumpiness.

Hair stack


The eyebrows were defined by using shorter hairs which were brushed to give them their shape.



Eyelashes were defined in a similar way to the eyebrows.


Material setup

VRay material was configured to produce the shiny red hair in hypershade.

V-Ray Material

If you would like to know more information about Ornatrix for Maya or participate in beta testing please contact us.

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