Supported plug-in types

Coden provides support for a variety of different tools. You need to be aware of the functionality you require and preferably also the target "host" applications where you want your functionality to be available.

At present time Coden allows developers to write:

  • Mesh generators - used to generate a 3D polygonal mesh based on a set of parameters
  • Mesh modifiers - used to alter an existing 3D polygonal mesh structure based on a set of parameters
  • Polyline generators - generates 3D curves represented by polygon lines
  • Polyline modifiers - used to alter existing 3D curves represented by polygon lines
  • Value functions - generic functions that output basic value types (i.e. floating point values, integers, booleans, strings) based on a set of input parameters
  • Graph functions - 'command' functions used to alter a scene graph
  • 2D functions/maps - used to generate procedural textures based on a set of parameters

The following table illustrates Coden support and implementations of these plug-ins for different hosts:

  3dsmax 3ds Max Maya Maya XSI Softimage|XSI Houdini Houdini Photoshop Photoshop
Mesh Generator Geometry Object DAG Surface Node Topology Operator Generator SOP  
Mesh Modifier Modifier DAG Node Geometry Operator SOP  
Polyline Generator Shape Object        
Polyline Modifier Shape Modifier        
Scalar Function Float Controller DAG Node ICE Node VEX Node  
Command MXS Function MEL Command Command Command  
Texture Map 2D Texmap 2D Texture MR Texture Shader   Image Filter
Force/Vector Field Force Field WSM