Ornatrix UE is here!

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Data created:29 August 2022

After two years of development and testing we're proud to announce the release of Ornatrix plugin for Unreal Engine! It is now possible to create, import, export, and manipulate all kinds of grooms directly inside Unreal Editor. Our intuitive and powerful workflow has been carefully adapted to fit  UE's unique real-time tools. Creating or editing hair for games, real-time videos, and interactive applications has never been so integrated or powerful.

Ornatrix works with UE 4.27 as well as latest UE5 builds. It is a tool which can create new hair on a game actor, import hair from DCC apps, or use existing native UE hair as a starting point. Native hair can be converted to Ornatrix hair and back at any point for a seamless roundtrip. Our set of advanced editing tools and hair evaluation pipeline can be used to achieve grooms of any complexity. The hair can also be exported back to other DCC apps.

Go through our documentation to learn how to get started with Ornatrix UE. Download the demo version to test it with your workflow and pipeline, or request a full trial.

Enjoy a 50% early-bird discount (USD$299) for perpetual licenses before October 1, 2022. We also provide monthly and yearly rental options. Let's take hair grooming for games and interactive applications to a whole new level!

Yours truly,

Ephere Team

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Marsel Khadiyev (Software Developer, EPHERE Inc.)