Ornatrix Maya V2 is out!

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Data created:11 June 2018
We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Ornatrix Maya V2: the latest incarnation of our cutting edge hair, fur, and feathers grooming and animation software. We've spent the last two years developing major new tools and polishing our existing artist-friendly workflow to bring you this much improved version. The beta program which ran for half a year helped us to further refine and iron out this release.
A quick glimpse of new features:
New Moov Hair physics provides a whole new powerful way to simulate any type of hair, complex or simple
New Harmonic Oscillator operator provides a quick and easy real-time way of simulating basic fur and hair dynamics
New Normalize operator to fix intersecting hairs
New Clumping operator with powerful features like per-clump management and clump patterns
New Braids Shape to allow creating procedural braid patterns on your characters with ease
New Push Away From Surface operator for accurate surface penetration fixing
New Resolve Collisions operator to robustly keep hair away from an object, with animation controls.
New Change Width operator with better way of controlling hair width
Importing Alembic hair from external assets with all information intact
New Adopt External Guides operator to use a separate guides object for controlling pre-modeled hair
New Weaver and Weaver Pattern for generating woven hairs such as in rattan furniture, wire fences, or cloth
New Scatter operator to create feathers and foliage
New Ornatrix V-Ray Primitive for smoothly rendering hair with low segment counts
Hundreds of improvements to existing features including addition of SeExpr, render attributes, and many others
For a complete list of new features please see the "What's new in V2" page of Ornatrix Maya documentation.
If you purchased Ornatrix Maya V1 within past 6 months (or after October 31, 2017) you get a free upgrade to this new version! Please log in to make sure your automatic upgrade was completed successfully.
All existing Ornatrix license owners get a 50% upgrade discount if purchased before July 12, 2018. After this date the upgrade discount will drop to 25% perpetually.
Thank you for using our products and supporting our ambitions to bring you the cutting edge in grooming and simulation tools. If you have any questions please reply to this email or contact us through our website or Facebook.
Yours truly,
Ephere Team

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