Overlay Menu 

Please beware that the Overlay menu is subject to frequent changes.

When selecting a Unitscape - actor or shape component in the scene a small overlay menu is displayed at the bottom right corner
of the viewport. It can be expanded by clicking on the title bar. The Overlay itself is divided into three sections, the toolbar,
the shape settings and the instancing settings:


Mini Toolbar 

A miniature version of the Main Toolbar.


Shape Settings 

  1. Send to front/back : Adjusts shape layering for boolean operations.
  2. Randomize -/+ : Increases/Decreases randomization seed for the instance transform, can be more precisely adjusted in Shape Component settings.

Instancing Settings 

  1. Toggle between Instance Set / Static Mesh usage as source for shape instance geometry (most of the time Instance Set will be used).
  2. Rotate left/right : Rotates instance set by 90° to the left or right.
  3. Library : Opens content browser window.
  4. Reload : Reloads the currently selected instance set (in case changes were made to the asset)
  5. Select : Selects all shapes that have the specified Instance Set assigned.
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