Detail Modifier 

Strands with detail 5 (left) and detail 20 (right)

Very often it is required to either increase or decrease the strand approximation on the fly. For example, sometimes it is a good strategy to start modeling the hair in a very low detail setting and then as you progress to increase detail and edit the hair into their final shape.
Furthermore, it is often more desireable to have a lower segment count in viewport and bigger one during render to get smoother results. Using strand detail modifier you can control the viewport and render segment count of specified strand object separately.
Strand detail uses a 3'rd degree b-spline interpolation to smoothly vary out the shape of individual hairs.





Allows you to isolate the effect of this operator by selecting particular Strand Groups created in the Edit Guides operator.


Number of Segments 

Determines how many segments should be on the re-interpolated strands. To use a different value when rendering, check Use Render Value.



Determines how smoothing is applied to the input strand before resampling it.

  • Points
    Specifies the number of control points of the smoothing spline. Fewer smoothing points result in a smoother curve with less detail. Increasing this parameter decreases the apparent effect of the applied smoothing, because the smoothed curve will reproduce more fine detail from the initial strand. Increasing the number of smoothing points beyond the number of segments of the resulting strands will have no further effect.
  • Amount
    Determines the amount of smoothing applied.

Adaptive Sampling 

Allows to determine the number of strand points based on strand shape (Sample By Threshold) or strand length (Sample By Length).

  • Sample by Threshold
    If on, the curve will be sampled based on how much it bends rather than uniformly.
    • Sample Size
      Size between 0 and 1 of each candidate sample when sampling the curve with threshold. Smaller values will yield better results but will be slower.
    • Angle Threshold
      Minimum angle between points on curve which will create new sample.
  • Sample by Length
    If on, the curve will be sampled at equal distances.
    • Distance
      Specifies the distance between resampled points.
    • Min/Max Points
      Specifies the minimum/maximum number of points in the detailed strand.

MaxScript Access 

You may use standard properties exposed by showProperties myModifier to access and change this modifier.

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