Gravity Modifier 

Hair with gravity force applied

This modifier is a helper component to allow you to cheat the effect of gravity on hair quickly and intuitively. A special Ramp Curve control lets you adjust how much gravity is applied along the length of the strands (this can also be controlled through a map). You can also control gravity direction and global amount.



  • Apply to Group
    Allows you to isolate the effect of this modifier by choosing a Strand Group created in the Edit Guides modifier.
  • Force
    The gravity force applied to the hair. Use a texture map in the Force Map slot to have more control over this parameter.
  • Gravity Along Strands
    Use this Ramp Curve to control the way the hair is affected by the gravity by controlling the force applied from the root to the tip.

  • Gravity Axis
    At sub-object level you can modify the axis of the gravity force.


MaxScript Access 

You may use standard properties exposed by showProperties myModifier to access and change this modifier.