Minimum System Requirements 

Ornatrix 3dsmax is designed to work on a variety of Autodesk 3dsmax versions. However, there exist a minimum requirements where Ornatrix 3dsmax is supported. The minimum requirements for your version 3dsmax apply first and foremost because Ornatrix runs inside it.



Ornatrix utilizes CPU, GPU, and RAM quite a bit to be able to model, simulate, and render millions of high fidelity hair strands. As such a modern CPU (Intel or AMD) with 16 GB+ of RAM is recommended to get acceptable performance.


3dsmax Version 

Ornatrix is supported on all versions of 3dsmax newer and including 2014.


Arnold Render Support 

Ornatrix Arnold renderer support is provided for 3dsmax 2018 and newer.


MassFX simulation 

MassFX dynamics modifier is only available for 3dsmax 2014 and newer.

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