VRay Modifier 





Ornatrix provides direct support for rendering hair with VRay. With V-Ray Render installed you will find the VrayOrnatrixMod in the Modifier Stack. When placed on top of the stack this will render Ornatrix hair directly in V-Ray. If present, you need to turn off any other Ornatrix hair rendering such as the Fast Raytracer Atmospheric.


Automatic setup 

If V-Ray is the current 3dsmax renderer when you add hair to an object with Ornatrix VrayOrnatrixMod modifier will be added for you automatically.


Using V-Ray Proxy object 

V-Ray provides a special proxy object which can import Alembic files exported with Ornatrix Alembic export. To ensure that the hair UVs are imported correctly into V-Ray proxy object please find the option Force first map channel in Proxy params, Compatibility section and turn it on.

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