Groom Presets 

Grooms in Ornatrix are hair presets. A groom contains a predefined list of operators and their parameters to generate specific hair style, effect, or anything else which can be procedurally done in Ornatrix. For example, the default "Hair Ball" set up in Ornatrix is a groom which adds guide generation, editing, hair generation and width changer operators. Grooms can create new objects inside a scene or be applied to existing objects by growing hair on them.

Grooms are stored in self-containing XML files with .oxgroom extension. These files can be saved and shared.


Grooms directory 

The grooms are loaded from a pre-defined directory by default. By using the Browse... button you can change the directory from which grooms are loaded. The changed directory will be used next time you attempt to load a groom. You can use the Default Directory button to go back to the default directory. The default grooms directory is:

  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\Ephere\Ornatrix\Grooms
  • OSX: /Users/Shared/Ephere/Ornatrix/Grooms
  • Linux: /opt/Ephere/Ornatrix/Grooms

The purpose of choosing this directory was to allow both read and write access to grooms for all users on a computer. This way grooms can be loaded and saved into a central directory by any user on a workstation.


Changing default grooms directory 

It may become necessary to change the location of the directory from where grooms are loaded. For example, you may want to have one central directory on your network accessible to all workstations containing the grooms.

To change the default grooms directory add an environment variable ORNATRIX_GROOMS_DIR containing the default grooms path.



For the time being, Hair From Mesh Strips are not compatible with groom presets, thus the Save Groom command will not work on this type of Ornatrix hair objects.


Cross-Host Compatibility 

As of Q3 2019 our grooming system is unified across Ornatrix 3dsmax, Ornatrix Maya, and Ornatrix C4D. The grooms can be saved and loaded across all of these applications and will yield same results. The directory where grooms are stored is also shared across all hosts where Ornatrix is implemented.

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