Operator Stack 

Ornatrix hair is often composed of one or more operators, represented as C4D deformers, applying changes one after another to create procedural effects. This stack can be found inside the C4D's Objects tab:


Adding Operators 

Adding an operator to the operator stack of currently selected object can be done using one of the following ways:

  1. On Cinema 4D's main menu there is Ornatrix entry. Click it and select the operator to be added. Operator will be added after currently selected modifier.
  2. Select an Ornatrix hair object in the scene and go to its Object properties tab. Select operator to add from the drop-down list and click Insert Operator button.
  3. In Cinema 4D's main menu select Windows > Customizations > Customize Commands > filter by name, and type in the name of the operator to add. Then select the appropriate command and click Execute.
  4. Using Python script. Open command prompt and execute following script:
    anim = c4d.BaseObject(OperatorId)

    OperatorId is the id of the operator to insert. Consult our API docs to get this number.
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