Automatic Installation (Recommended) 

The best way to install Ornatrix C4D is to download the MSI or PKG installer for your operating system and use it to configure and perform an automatic installation.

Important: Do not rename the downloaded installer file before starting it, otherwise authorizing the plugin may fail.


Install Options 

During installation you will be presented with options of which Ornatrix versions and components to install.

.msi installer will attempt to find all Cinema 4D installations on your system and automatically select versions of Ornatrix for each version which is present. It does this by searching for C:\MAXON\Cinema 4D Rxx or ProgramFiles\MAXON\Cinema 4D Rxx directories. Ornatrix versions without a matching Cinema 4D installation will be unselected by default, however, you can still enable them. In such cases Ornatrix will be installed into C:\Ephere directory.


Silent/Batch Installation 


Batch installing on Windows 

Ornatrix C4D uses MSI packages for deployment and installation.

Use the /quiet or /qn options with msiexec to perform a silent install. Do it from a command prompt with administrator rights.
  • Properties with name C4D_INSTALL_PATH_RXX can be used to specify the desired install locations for various C4D versions.
  • Properties with name ENABLE_C4D_RXX can be used to disable installing Ornatrix for specific Cinema 4D version. By default all Cinema 4D versions present on the computer will be targeted, so one needs to exclude the versions not to target.

For example, this command installs Ornatrix for C4D R20 but not for C4D R19 with no UI and no reboot, with a log:

msiexec /i c:\path\to\ornatrix.setup.msi /quiet /qn /norestart /l*v c:\path\to\install.log C4D_INSTALL_PATH_R20="C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D R20" ENABLE_C4D_R19=0


Manual Archive Installation 

In addition to automatic (recommended) install and batch install options, Ornatrix C4D files can be deployed manually by downloading a compressed 7-Zip archive. The download is available alongside the MSI or PKG automated installers on the downloads page. Extract the archive using 7-Zip

To install manually on all platforms follow the instructions in the included Readme.txt file. If installing on a workstation, you will need to set up licensing manually.


Installing a Floating License Server 

Floating license server allows you to store multiple licenses on the same computer (server). Workstations can connect to this license server via its IP or network address to obtain licenses temporarily and release them when they are no longer in use. This permits an arbitrary number of workstations to share licenses between them.


All Licenses Unassigned 

To install a floating license server please make sure that all of your licenses are unassigned for the product in question. If you never installed the license server for current product you do not need to worry about this.

  1. Go to the downloads page and look under the version which you are trying to install.
  2. Find the "Unassigned Licenses" text and check if all of your licenses are yet unassigned (the numbers should be equal). If that's true, you are ready to proceed.

If the number of unassigned licenses is less than the total number, please contact us for instructions on how to reset your current hardware locks.


Install License Server 

  1. Click on the link for you operating system under "Install license server only" and download the installer program to your license server computer.
  2. On Windows run the downloaded .EXE file. It needs administrator rights, so if UAC is enabled you'll be asked for authorization.
  3. On Mac open a terminal window into the Downloads directory and type
    sh <name-of-the-downloaded-file>.run
    to start the downloaded file. It needs administrator rights, so you'll be asked for your password.

Specify the Network Address of the License Server 


Using Text File 

By default the license server will be searched at localhost ( IP) address, thus assuming that you installed it on the same computer as Ornatrix. If it cannot be found at this address you will be presented with a dialog to enter a different IP or network name. Once you successfully connect to a license server, the IP (or network name) of the license server will be stored in the following file:

You can modify the address within this file to change the location of the license server. Alternatively, you can delete it and upon the next start of Ornatrix you will be prompted to add a different address.

You can also modify the location where this .txt file is stored by setting the directory path in ORNATRIXC4D_LICENSE_SERVER_IP_PATH environment variable.


Using Environment Variable 

You can manually specify the IP or network name of the license server in an environment variable with name ORNATRIXC4D_LICENSE_SERVER_IP.


Installation Directories 

Ornatrix C4D is installed into a central location from which different versions of Maya can load their appropriate modules. Scripts and resources are shared between various versions of Maya from this central location. You can alter the path of this central directory during installation process. It is recommended to leave it as the default value unless you have a reason to change it.


Installation directories on Windows 

On Microsoft Windows, Ornatrix is installed into C:\Program Files\MAXON\Cinema 4D RXX\plugins\Ornatrix directory by default. This directory contains the following structure:
  • Grooms - Contains pre-defined groom presets
  • qt-plugins
  • res - Required resources
  • scripts - Moov scripts
  • Ephere.Licensing.Authorizer.Maxon.C4D.Ornatrix.exe - File common to all C4D versions which is required for Ornatrix licensing.
  • Ornatrix.xdl64 - Ornatrix plugin.

All of these directories and files must be present to ensure proper installation of Ornatrix on Windows.




Uninstalling on Windows 

Use the Programs and Features dialog to locate the Ornatrix C4D entry. Use the uninstall option to uninstall Ornatrix C4D.


Uninstalling on OSX 


Uninstalling the License Server 

Uninstalling Ornatrix will leave the Ephere license server on your computer. It is a separate process which isn't linked to any host and can be reused for future installations. However, if you choose to uninstall it you can do it by following these OS-specific steps here .


Installing different Ornatrix versions on same computer 

While it isn't possible to have two different Ornatrix versions within same Maya installation, it is possible to have two different Ornatrix versions in two different C4D installations. For example, if you have C4D R20 installed and have Ornatrix V1 installed inside it you can also install Ornatrix V2 in Maya R19 on the same computer.

This cannot be done using the executable (.msi) installer. Instead you need to download the manual .7z archive containing all Ornatrix files and use the Readme.txt file to place all files into correct places manually.

Please note that some versions of Ornatrix provide assets and grooms which are not compatible with previous versions.

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