Braid Patterns 



The Braid Object is a Clump Pattern designed to be used with the Clump modifier to create procedural braids. This Clump Pattern will be used to determine the shape of the clumps allowing you to create unique procedural details on the hair.



A set of intuitive and artist friendly parameters are included to create procedural braids.

  • Preset Index
    Select between the available braiding patterns: Curl, Pigtail, Swirl, 5-stem or 6-stem.
  • Point Count
    The amount of guide points on each guide.
  • Length
    Increase or decrease the guide length.
  • Frequency
    Controls the frequency of the curls.
  • Scale
    Controls the scale of the curls. This parameter can also be tweaked using a ramp curve to scale the curls along the guides.
  • Vertical Scale
    Controls the vertical thickness of the braid along its cross-section
  • Phase
    Controls the position of curls/waves in the braid along its length

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