Hair from Surface 

Ornatrix hair can be added directly on a polygon mesh or a polygon selection using a selection tag.


Adding hair to a polygon mesh 

  1. Select a polygon mesh
  2. Go to the Ornatrix menu and click Add Hair

Ornatrix will create the necessary modifiers:

  • Guides from Mesh
    This procedural modifier Generates guides on the surface on the specified polygon mesh based on several parameters like Guide Count, Distribution and Guide Length.
  • Edit Guides
    Allow to manually add more guides or edit the previously generated guides.
  • Hair from Guides
    Use different interpolation algorithms to interpolate hairs from the previously generated guides.
  • Change Width
    Set the rendering width of the hair strands.

Adding hair to a polygon selection 

Ornatrix hair can be added to a polygon selection. For that, it must be added to the whole polygon mesh first and then filtered out using a polygon selection.

  1. Add hair to the whole polygon mesh as shown above
  2. Go into Polygons editing mode and select some polygons
  3. Go to Cinemas 4D's Select menu and click Set Selection. This will create a Selection Tag.
  4. Go into Guides from Mesh, in the Object tab, drag the Selection Tag to the Input Mesh field.
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