Pricing and Licensing 

For information about license server installation, maintenance, using reseller keys, and other general topics please refer to our general licensing documentation.


Ornatrix Cinema 4D Discounts 

  • Volume Discount
    To help you get Ornatrix into your studio we provide discounts whenever you purchase more than one license. The discount applies in incremental portions for 5 and 10 licenses. For the exact figures please refer to the purchase section or contact us.
  • Upgrade Discounts
    Ephere provides two separate upgrade discounts for all existing Ornatrix users who own a previous version of the plugin:
    • Free upgrade is available to anyone who has purchased a previous Ornatrix version later than 6 months before the latest version came out. For example, if you have purchased Ornatrix V1 in October 2016, you are eligible for a free upgrade to Ornatrix V2 which came out in January 2017 (this is a hypothetical scenario).
    • 25% discount is available to all previous Ornatrix license holders who do not fall under the first category above. A special 50% discount is available to people who upgrade within the first month of a new version coming out.
  • Student and Educational Discount
    If you are a student or a school and can prove your enrollment and educational status you are eligible to our 50% educational discount. A valid and current ID emailed to us is acceptable as proof.

Only one discount can be used for a purchase. A discount cannot be applied on top of already discounted price. Discount codes cannot be used to buy a rental license. Please contact us for a quote specific for your organization.



Ornatrix for Cinema 4D can be purchased with a Rental or Perpetual license.


Perpetual Licenses 

When you purchase an Ornatrix Cinema 4D license, you are buying a perpetual license for the current version of the product. Even after the next and newer versions of Ornatrix come out you may continue downloading, installing, and using the version which you purchased. As a license owner you are also eligible for substantial upgrade discounts towards future versions of Ornatrix Cinema 4D. Click here here to find more information about our rental licenses.


Rental Licenses 

Rental licenses allow you to use the product you purchased for a limited time for a price which is much smaller than the perpetual license. Any new minor or major versions of the product released while your rental license is active are available to you. Click here to find more information about our rental licenses.


License Keys 

When buying Ornatrix from a reseller you will get a License Key. This key should be activated in the Purchase page.

Note: Ornatrix for Maxon Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max are different products and an individual license is required for each product.


License Reselling 

You are not allowed to resell licenses of Ephere products, they are permanently attached to the person(s) or company who purchased them.



Prices for Ornatrix licenses depend on multiple factors. Your individual price can vary depending on various discounts which we provide. Please see the purchase section for the exact figures. Prices may change at any time without notice.

Note: You must be a registered user to access the purchase page



We have a no-refund policy except if a payment is made in error or there are any issues with the payment transaction. We are happy to help you resolve any issues should you experience them promptly.


Render Nodes 

If you are installing Ornatrix Cinema 4D on a render node/slave computer you do not require any licenses. Ornatrix will not ask to be licensed when rendering only. Therefore, only workstation computers require a license and you may install Ornatrix on an unlimited number of network render computers.

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