Supported Render Engines 

The following render engines have native support for Ornatrix in Cinema 4D:

Solid Angle Arnold
  • Hair UVs
  • Per-Strand UVs
  • Strand Channel Export
  • Hair UVs
  • Per-Strand UVs
  • Strand Channel Export (Per-Strand data only)
  • Hair UVs
  • Per-Strand UVs

Any other render without native support like Octane, Cinema 4D Physical Render and VRay can render Ornatrix hair as polygon mesh or as spline curves.


Rendering the hair as a polygon mesh 

Ornatrix hair can be converted to a polygon mesh using the Mesh from Strands modifier. This modifier will also allow to generate UVs for the hair, which will allow you to add proper shading.


Rendering the hair as spline curves 

Ornatrix hair can be converted to spline curves using the Curves from Strands modifier. If the renderer supports rendering spline curves as hairs.

By default Cinema 4D is not able to render deformed splines but the curves generated by Ornatrix are deformed using modifiers. To be able to render spline curves with deformation, be sure to enable Hair Shader Compatible in Curves from Strands.

Curves from Strands will also generate UVs for the spline curves which are based on the UVs of the distribution mesh. This will allow you to properly texture the hairs or fur.


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