Minimum System Requirements 



Ornatrix C4D is designed to work on a variety of Cinema 4D versions and all operating systems where Cinema 4D is supported. However, there exist a minimum requirements where Ornatrix C4D is supported.





  • OS X 10.14 Mojave or newer
  • Cinema 4D R19 or newer.

Supported Cinema 4D builds 

Ornatrix is not guaranteed to work on all builds of Cinema 4D. We recommend sticking to the iterations we build for.

Recommended Cinema 4D builds:

R19.053, R20.059, R21.207, R22.123, R23.110, R24.111


Supported Arnold versions (Mac and Windows) 

  • Ornatix C4D R19: C4DtoA
  • Ornatix C4D R20: C4DtoA
  • Ornatix C4D R21+: C4DtoA
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