Defect Reports

This defect is openEvaluation: Always! Crashes when Trying to Brush
1 August 2016 by
This defect is openOxnatrix V4 3DS Max file Breaks when opening in V5
29 March 2017 by
This defect is openChanging current channel on the mesh from strands Mapping Channel Parameters Crashes 3ds max.
29 March 2017 by Adriano
This defect is openSurface Comb Sink Length don't work with symmetry
27 March 2017 by frodo
This defect is openauto save loses guide selection in edit guides
13 March 2017 by magilla
This defect is openhang on backburner submission
22 March 2017 by magilla
This defect is openTopology Based Distribution Surface
13 March 2017 by magilla
This defect is openhairs change to different guides on animated mesh
13 March 2017 by mviola
This defect is openguides as hair bug
8 March 2017 by 6ill9re9
This defect is openLicense Server Installer Error
18 November 2015 by shawnolson
This defect is openCan't export Hair from Mesh Strips to Alembic
16 February 2017 by frodo
This defect is openReferencing and flickering
16 February 2017 by mviola
This defect is openHair flickering when just moving on a rigid mesh.
7 February 2017 by Strob
This defect is openHair messes up after animating the charcter
19 January 2017 by maddy467
This defect is openDoes Self Shadowing coefficient works at all?
29 December 2016 by Axolotl
This defect is openXREF VrayOrnatrix Modifier problem
13 December 2016 by primerstudio
This defect is opendistribution map
9 December 2016 by ara_1809
This defect is openv5 Render Node
22 November 2016 by TAT Studio
This defect is openStrand detail modifier viewport count issue
29 October 2016 by thanulee
This defect is openEdit Guides Error
26 October 2016 by suztv
This defect is openOrnatrix for 3ds Max 64 bits Setup ended prematurely
20 September 2015 by Petra
This defect is openrotate hair bug_hair_strips
17 October 2016 by mhouse777
This defect is openOx surface comb dissapears hair
2 October 2016 by thanulee
This defect is openver4.5.5.8275 gets Ephere.Plugins.Autodesk.Max.Ornatrix.dlo error after install
24 August 2016 by Kei Yoneoka
This defect is openNcloth rest to start shape not working? ( Hair physics with Nucleus in Maya. )
24 July 2016 by Marcus
This defect is openRoot plant causes error message
15 August 2016 by mallory303