Defect Reports

This defect is openOx Hair from mesh stripes crashes all the time with demo
28 November 2014 by ratus
This defect is openlongitudinal combing graph too large to fit in
21 November 2014 by ratus
This defect is openUVs on Mesh From Strands
11 November 2014 by RichardBlank
This defect is openOxHair map error
24 June 2014 by andresfeho
This defect is openmesh deforming(alembic/morph) is messing with guides
26 October 2014 by vitorugo
This defect is openFur renders different on different render nodes
16 October 2014 by mhaysom
This defect is openOX MeshFromStrands Unable to apply hair from guides after using Prismatic/Cylindrical mode
10 October 2014 by Vincit
This defect is openCannot render in Mental Ray (Ox Geo Hair not found)
8 July 2014 by bhobbs
This defect is openSmooth Brush not Working as Expected
4 October 2014 by baothebuff
This defect is openVray Velocity Render Element
19 September 2014 by studio_liddell
This defect is openvray prepass
25 September 2014 by bennykapelli
This defect is openGround Strands and Skinning
14 August 2014 by studio_liddell
This defect is openOrnatrix 3.0.2 OxEdit Guides bug
28 July 2014 by John F Tupper
This defect is openDistributed rendering of hair on Backburner causing huge artifacts
17 July 2014 by figmentproductions
This defect is openOrnatrix V3.0.1.8 crashes on save & Incorrect display on viewport.
16 July 2014 by bhobbs
This defect is openOrnatrix 3 freezes when clicking modifier
19 June 2014 by ingenuityengine
This defect is openGuides in Viewport Only Display As White.
1 June 2014 by bhobbs
This defect is openLost Comb information when program crashes
14 May 2014 by cinimodstudio
This defect is openMassFX bake ALL not working ?
22 April 2014 by gonsolin
This defect is openHair Render Pops on Small Objects
22 April 2014 by Danny
This defect is openApplies to Group not working
27 March 2014 by ixelde
This defect is openHair overlapping
22 March 2014 by Jonfer Maia
This defect is openHair doesn't move correctly while animated a biped
18 February 2014 by bigcompany
This defect is openOx Propagation Question
7 May 2013 by oakcorp
This defect is openOx Dynamics Error - NxInitCooking()
10 February 2012 by Markus.S
This defect is openHair/fur on Lion
16 April 2017 by Egrodnersaj