Defect Reports

This defect was fixedHair strands behaves wrongly with Lucid
27 November 2017 by vertexfx
This defect was fixedquick hair makes mesh disappear
12 December 2017 by coilbook
This defect was fixedOrnatrix does not handle scale conversion between scenes with different system units
8 November 2017 by Bipolar
This defect was fixed5.2.5.12692 (Oct 22 2017) is the last stable install in 3ds Max 2013
13 November 2017 by movingpicturer
This defect was fixedBrushes are not working
4 November 2017 by x67
This defect was fixedgravity modifier wont accept force map
15 August 2017 by frodo
This defect was fixedhair clustering dont accept maps in other channels than one
8 August 2017 by frodo
This defect was fixedvertex color and render thickness
6 August 2017 by frodo
This defect was fixed"Remember Clusters" completely change the clustering look in rendertime
14 June 2017 by postfaust
This defect was fixedGraph Not showing in strands Multiplier Mod.
31 May 2017 by nildoe
This defect was fixedCrash on create sinks
24 May 2017 by Strob
This defect was fixedretarget changes crash when opening a scene with fur aleady there.
27 May 2017 by Strob
This defect was fixedox hair clustering: parameter variations produces changes only in viewport but not in render
27 April 2017 by cinci
This defect was fixedTexture map probleme count ornatrix 5..1.3 Vs ornatrix 4..5..5 Vray 3.40.03
20 April 2017 by kovacs2b
This defect was fixedSurface Comb Sinks mess up guides
29 March 2017 by
This defect was fixedPropagatin modifier badly inherits uwv's
9 March 2017 by frodo
This defect was fixedIgnore back facing guides
13 March 2017 by magilla
This defect was fixedOrnatrix V5 - Symetry problem
6 March 2017 by arthurclan
This defect was fixedStrand Propagation copy problem
3 March 2017 by frodo
This defect was fixedCan't create Sinks
14 February 2017 by frodo
This defect was fixedCant seem to be able to create sinks in beta5 stable version
2 February 2017 by mentalnils
This defect was fixedOx surface comb impossible create sinks in ornatrix
27 January 2017 by kovacs2b
This defect was fixedOnce Save and reopen Scene Grounded Stands are all messed up
6 January 2017 by figmentproductions
This defect was fixedOrnatrix setup wizard ended prematurely
18 December 2016 by stewett
This defect was fixedBrush animated mesh
25 March 2016 by poko
This defect was fixedOX_Strand_Cluster action crashes Max
21 March 2016 by maximus