Defect Reports

This defect is openEdit Guide error
13 April 2018 by Atalow
This defect is openWhen I add an edit guides modifier, after switch between brush guides and edit guide roots the program crashes.
28 March 2018 by Animare
This defect is openOx reseting Slate material editor
22 March 2018 by
This defect is openPer strand coordinates not working
2 March 2018 by Hercole
This defect is openI cant get my license to run on my 3Ds Max any longer
7 February 2018 by newworldart
This defect is openOrnatrix 6 crashes Rebus Renderfarm machines. Can't render on thier farm.
6 February 2018 by threeaxis
This defect is openProblem with versions
5 February 2018 by mariopece
This defect is openOx Guides from Shape - Redshift
9 March 2017 by magilla
This defect is openOrnatrix Hair count viewport become hair count render
13 November 2017 by FloFalcucci
This defect is openOX Ground Strand Modifier bug
19 July 2015 by Robert_Pashayan
This defect is openGenerate Groom button
8 September 2017 by MehdZangenehBar
This defect is openmax 2017
6 June 2016 by lukx
This defect is opensurface comb symmetry not working properly
16 August 2017 by
This defect is openox hair clustering and ox strand multiplier - random jitters network rendering only
26 July 2017 by yellowmagic
This defect is openvertexpaint not working
20 July 2017 by jp3d81
This defect is openCrashing and Hairs Not Staying in Place
10 July 2017 by moonscapes
This defect is openPossibly a bug in Max when using Maya created curves
5 July 2017 by kremiansky
This defect is openError downloading an old version
11 June 2017 by pedroconti
This defect is openCloth doesn't simulate
5 June 2017 by Egrodnersaj
This defect is openNO collision with head mesh
29 May 2017 by Egrodnersaj
This defect is openCreate Panel Keeps Flashing
24 May 2017 by nildoe
This defect is openproblem with Ox Hair from guides
19 May 2017 by nildoe
This defect is open3ds max Ornatrix crash render
15 May 2017 by alienstudio
This defect is openSurface Comb - Mirror Issue
28 April 2017 by HGConde
This defect is openSome of baked guides made by Ox Hair from Mesh Strip got broken after collapsing
15 July 2016 by Kei Yoneoka
This defect is openEvaluation: Always! Crashes when Trying to Brush
1 August 2016 by