Defect Reports

This defect is openOX6 Crash to desktop no CER
7 January 2019 by shawnolson
This defect is open"Remember Clusters" button scrambles hair render (Ornatrix
2 January 2019 by gardockidigital
This defect is openVray 3.6 doesn't render Change Width modifier correctly (Ornatrix
20 December 2018 by gardockidigital
This defect is openThis computer has a previously assigned license
10 August 2018 by 6ill9re9
This defect is openHair Clustering modifier creates jumbled mess each time the Max file is saved.
10 December 2018 by OccultArt
This defect is openUV Channel 2 not working with modifiers
31 October 2018 by adam666
This defect is openwas opened incorrectly
15 October 2018 by Gosha
This defect is openError when i start Max.
30 September 2018 by andrei_bursuc
This defect is openedit guides import splines
6 March 2014 by ramous62
This defect is openViewport issues while using Hair Clustering
11 August 2018 by
This defect is opencan't add external forces to moov physics
31 July 2018 by Gardeler
This defect is openMass FX don't save baked animation
14 April 2018 by renderingstudio
This defect is openCrash when changing width
3 July 2018 by
This defect is openCrash when changing width with newest v6 beta
18 June 2018 by wyszolmirski
This defect is openThis computer has a previously assigned license
12 June 2018 by wjsdndlr18
This defect is openExploding Clusters
4 June 2018 by Tycane3d
This defect is openDiffuse map ignored
14 May 2018 by joaovictor3d
This defect is openVRay 3.6 can't render hair
19 April 2018 by jsnferns
This defect is openEdit Guides modifier - some maxScript interface functions are not working
13 April 2018 by emohamad
This defect is openHair From Particles Crash with TP 6.6
8 April 2018 by joegunn3d
This defect is openEdit Guide error
13 April 2018 by Atalow
This defect is openWhen I add an edit guides modifier, after switch between brush guides and edit guide roots the program crashes.
28 March 2018 by Animare
This defect is openOx reseting Slate material editor
22 March 2018 by
This defect is openPer strand coordinates not working
2 March 2018 by Hercole
This defect is openI cant get my license to run on my 3Ds Max any longer
7 February 2018 by newworldart
This defect is openOrnatrix 6 crashes Rebus Renderfarm machines. Can't render on thier farm.
6 February 2018 by threeaxis