Defect Reports

This defect is openPropagation Issue
10 September by helmisvfx
This defect is opencrash when animating
6 September by
This defect is openRendering Ornatrix at Rebusfarm
27 August by mediaramas
This defect is open[] Generate Guide Data - Expression Editor won't open in Max 2017
26 August by fexman
This defect is opennew vrscene export crash
20 August by TAT Studio
This defect is openScattering Map doesn't work
14 August by EIGHTY4
This defect is openProblem hair from guide with Shape
12 August by seblevieux
This defect is openedit guides crash Max when using hair from mesh strip
28 July by jarl
This defect is openOrnatrix_3dsmax_2020_6_6.2.1.19976.msi 'Language.zh_CN.2020' cannot be installed'
2 July by joshpurple
This defect is openramdom clumpig flicker in animation
21 June by frodo
This defect is openCant install. Aborted be 'error'
9 June by Worldmaker1
This defect is openThe meaning of "Ignore Back-Facing Guides" is reversed in orthoview
12 June by oakcorp
This defect is openproblem with ox hair from guides
10 June by aminavid
This defect is openv5 crashes max 2019
5 June by debneyink
This defect is openMoov physics cause 3dsmax crash when moving the time slider
5 June by Gagui
This defect is openOx Strand Length animated Length parameter not working
5 June by Gagui
This defect is openspline problem
5 June by sebastienlevieux
This defect is openMaya 2019 selecting edit guides crashes maya
15 May by ruddiger52
This defect is openUnhandled Exception when Generating Groom 3dsmax 2019
8 May by glimpse_vfx
This defect is openSilent install on clean system does not target any Max installs
10 April by
This defect is openControl point offsets when moving Root at [Nightly]
11 April by oakcorp
This defect is openComb Brush Breaks itself
28 March by gunfire_games
This defect is openCannot find procedure "OxSetIsRendering".
27 March by MSUArtDesign
This defect is openmoov physics crash 3ds max
29 January by frodo
This defect is openHair Clustering Modifier messes up the hairstyle after rendering with Vray (Max2019/Vray 3.60.05)
29 January by GROUND_STUDIOS
This defect is openAdding oxMoovPhysics modifier crashes 3ds max
18 January by gardockidigital