General Discussion

messagesApply MoovPhysics to hair Tip only
25 October by oakcorp
messagesHair distribution changes after each render
26 October by hmercado
messagesold projects vs newer version of ornatrix
1 October by keid
messagesarnold mod for version 5
22 October by jonlopez04
messagesIs there a way to snap mesh from strands roots to the surface?
18 January 2018 by Nowaczewski
messages"All your licenses are assigned to other computers" - with no hardware changes
28 May 2018 by henrikmk
messagesCaching problem.
22 August by Dubbie
messages6.2.7 - Ox Strand Curling locked range of parameters.
12 October by keid
messagesBest Hair Plugin for Maya (Xgen, Ornatrix, nHair or Yeti)
2 October by TobinTelder
messagesStrands do not move with Mesh during rendering
5 September by FlyvisionMedia
messagesDifficulties to shape ornatrix hair (specific shape)
24 September by OoJoey
messagesLicensing issues
13 June by Sandman19031980
messagesDifferent lengths for strands in Atlas Texture!
13 September by Inkino
messagesIs there anyway to create Ornatrix between 2 spline without any scalp object ?
9 September by agphd
messagesADR for Animation Dub
31 August by Ahambramasmi
messagesHair from Guides not working with Guides from shape
4 September by Stan
messagesCan Anyone Confirm Braids as Clump Pattern Object Works?
30 August by Danny
messagesCreating a custom submit button. Button disappears on mouse click.
25 August by KabirRaut
messagesdynamics with hair from mesh strips?
23 August by mediaramas
messagesStrands rotate with deforming mesh
23 August by FlyvisionMedia
messagesGenerate Guide Data - Using Channel Data in Expression
10 August by fexman
messagesDo you want to allow this app from an unknown publisher to make changes to your device? Ephere.Licensing.LicenseSever.exe"
3 August by threeaxis
messagesDifferent materials
31 July by mediaramas
messagesUnaffected Hairs By Operators
20 July by Montwire
messagesRotation Works Sometimes
20 July by Montwire