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messagesMaking all the hair pointing in the same direction with hair from mesh strips operator.
22 January by Superboulu
messagesquestion about logic of function remember root position in Guides From Mesh and Hair From Guides
21 January by britva_27
messagesuse stand group does not work...
15 January by
messagesWould it be possible to update the invitation link from Discord?
15 January by mocha
messagesC4D R23.110 hangs while initializing plugins...
5 January by polymono
messagesIn the Length node randomize option influences to all hair oblivious to the meaning value multiplier
10 January by britva_27
messagesC4D R23 does not recognize Ornatrix
7 January by
messagescannot generate clumps because clump strands were not assigned
4 January by britva_27
messagesTips on brushing fluffy hair?
3 January by Daffrendo
messagesEphere licensing issue
2 January by Sandman19031980
messagesRental Licenses users should be allowed to use the V1 version
2 January by zhouxiang
messagesA Red-Arrow Rotate Feature for C4D's "Hair From Mesh Strips"
30 December 2020 by Daffrendo
messagesOldest 4D version compatible ?
21 December 2020 by Archaeopteryx
messagesTransfering groom from one mesh to another
19 December 2020 by felixs
messagesConnection issue
4 December 2020 by ronin161
messagesDemo R23 notrecognized after install
10 December 2020 by FBFX
messagesCould not find a part of the path
14 December 2020 by mocha
messagesWhy my hair falling down?
12 December 2020 by valerio92
messages2.0.10.26089 in picture viewer ignores attributes such as length and change width from the nodes
4 December 2020 by britva_27
messagesSimulation Cache (Record) - Not the same as the simulation
21 October 2020 by modado
messages(C4D) Surface Comb issues + subscription question
24 November 2020 by felixs
messagesCinema 4d R23.110 ornatrix crush when add hair to mesh
16 November 2020 by britva_27
messagesOrnatrix_C4D_R22_2_2.0.8.25423 When I selected guides in edit guide tool the guide are disappear
16 November 2020 by britva_27
messagesCinema 4d R22.123 ornatrix 1-0-9-25630 and Plant Guide tool work not well
16 November 2020 by britva_27
messagesThere is mesh strips editing tool?
15 November 2020 by britva_27
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