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messagesDo I need Redshift for rendering?
18 September by moebius
messages Study scene!
29 January by dragofx
messagesWill there be any videos/documentation
23 January by matt11012
messagesR19.068 no options for groom selection in popup
8 September by daxonwax
messagesCinema4d Ornatrix Character Hair Groom Test
7 September by artofblaq
messagesCan't Create Groom
4 September by matchesmalone
messagesOrnatrix and C4dtoA quick test of a beard!
25 December 2018 by dragofx
messagesSub Clumps?
3 September by vfxduo
messagesDynamic Braids
29 August by vfxduo
messagesC4D Ornatrix
29 August by vfxduo
messagesBase Mesh Color
7 May by
messagesHelp Needed for Achieving Better Randomness
19 August by afite1
messagesHair from mesh strips not auto updating post deformers
13 July by Rectro
messagesSome test with Octane - Morphika
25 February by joandivins
messagesRedshift preview different to actual render?
17 July by Rectro
messages0.1.9.20135 version problem (Redshift)
13 July by mgijh
messagesRedshift preview different to actual render?
17 July by Rectro
messages3D illustration with ornatrix and redshift!
27 June by l2ezad
messagesUninstall Beata C4D
18 June by Rory55
messagesRedshift now supports Ornatrix in latest update
5 March by matt11012
messagesOctane Better Support!
5 June by dragofx
messagesPerformance, performance, performance
20 December 2018 by jayroth
28 May by vfxduo
messagesHair not rendered if you select a tag
24 September 2018 by Clemwipix
messagesWorkflow needed adding hair (Plant Guide Tool) for each group at a time
6 May by Rectro
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