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messagessave presets
2 days ago by
messages How to get from a "ready made groom" ==> "rendering an animated mesh"?
27 May by MagicHolo
messagesLarge file sizes???
19 May by itsupport
messagesGenerate Stand Data
16 May by
messagesdrop-down list when choosing created strands group
16 March by britva_27
messagesOrnatrix will be the main tool for hair in cinema 4d
28 April by britva_27
messageshotkey ctrl+LBM for unselecting guide function instead surface brush mode in edit guide node
28 April by britva_27
messagesHelp! Redshift render. In IPR all is fine but in picture viewer distribution of the hair wrong
16 April by britva_27
messagesmake by default "Affect selected only" on all brush tool
7 April by britva_27
messagesApply Guide length
18 April by
messagessome small issue with selecting guides using hotkey shift+Lclick
7 April by britva_27
messagesnew feature invert selection guide have some issue
7 April by britva_27
messagesHow to Aply UV Channels in Octane?
18 April by
messagesOscillator Modifier
5 February by SuKing
messagesFeather Color
26 November 2019 by
messagesThe length of the guides gets shorter every time when use AUTO in push away from mesh
5 April by britva_27
messagesinverte selected guides
16 March by britva_27
messageshow to fix position of strands on mesh with pose morph?
5 April by britva_27
messagesedit guide operator. when using Auto for push away from the surface the selecting brush work strange and not select guides
10 March by britva_27
messagesHair From Guides, how do I view hair without the blue colour highlight?
7 March by Rectro
messagesSelect the guide with hotkeys without need to choose selecting tool when using move tool or other from edit guide operator?
10 March by britva_27
messagesNormalize bringing system down to a halt
18 February by Rectro
messagesAny news about supporting octane render?
3 March by britva_27
messagesRest State or Simulate rest state hair moved to end of animation, other Moov issues?
22 March by Rectro
messagesBraids how, what settings, lacking documentation training and sample scenes?
13 March by Rectro
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