Deep Shadow Maps 

This is an alternative to Ornatrix Shadow Maps that performs full-scale occlusion simulation. Unlike regular shadow maps, deep shadows sample each pixel multiple times depth-wise to allow quick self-shadowing and shadowing all the objects in the scene including those inside the hair itself. Whenever Ornatrix-based rasterizer (ratraycer) is used with lights that implement deep shadow maps, Ornatrix will not self-shadow the hair internally (through raytracer) but will automatically use deep shadow maps to self-shadow the hair.



You can find Deep Shadow Maps in 3ds Max Lights -> Shadows -> Ox Deep Shadow Maps



Many parameters of this component are the same as those in Ornatrix shadow maps, so you refer to that help for reference.

  • Error tolerance
    Because all of the pixels are being sampled depth-wise deep shadows use a compression mechanism to reduce memory strain. Error tolerance controls how much the shadow data is compressed by controlling how much error is allowed to be introduced. A value of 0 will effectively prevent any compression. A very large value will make the shadow very smooth eliminating any subtle detail.
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