Guides on Spline Modifier 

Guides are distributed along a spline using provided twist and length parameters

Similarly to generating guides from surface, guides can be generated along a 1-dimensional spline. This is particularly useful for creating things like eyelashes and feathers. Parameters that control distribution, randomness, and twist are present to aid the user in correctly positioning a mass of guides, which can be later directly converted into hair strands.




Distribution Parameters 

  • Distribution Type
    • Uniform Distribution: Places guides at regular intervals
    • Random Distribution: Places guides randomly along the spline
    • Hair at Knots: Places exactly one guide on each knot of the spline
  • Root Count
    Number of guides to generate on the spline
  • Random Seed
    The random seed value to use when doing random distribution


Specifies how the guides are rotated along the underlying spline on which they are generated. Globally defines the X,Y, and Z rotation of every guide transform.

  • X (Zenith)
    The rotation around the axis of the spline
  • Y (Azimuth)
    The rotation along the axis of the guide
  • Z (Longitude)
    The rotation around the spline's axis


Increments or decrements the twist parameter along the spline length parametrically.



Adds deviation to the twist parameter along the three axes.


Length and Detail 

A length diagram is provided to specify the length of each guide relative to the guide. The diagram can be popped out into its own window.

  • Length
    Specifies the global length multiplier for the guides
  • Randomness
    Introduces randomness in length for each individual guides
  • Num. Pts
    Specified the number of points to generate for each guide

Other options are very similar to the guides from surface modifier.

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